Pnyx is a licensed product. The license is hosted on the project's GitHub page. Pnyx was designed to make your ETL projects more productive. For saving you time and money, a nominal fee is charged. There are various options for obtaining a Pnyx license.

Try Before You Buy

For all of the licenses, feel free to download the library and kick the tires. Once installed, you have a 30 day trial period to evaluate before buying. Even if you don't buy, please send us your feedback at

Per Machine

The cheapest and most flexible license is per-machine pricing. For every machine (physical, VM, container, etc) that has a copy of the library or the command line executable, you can obtain a license with the following payment options:
PeriodPrice (US dollars)
Monthly $5 per machine Add to cart
Yearly $49 per machine Add to cart
Once (forever license) $199 per machine Add to cart

Per Project

For enterprise software projects with many machines, pricing per machine may get too expensive. In that case, we offer per project pricing. A project is defined as ether a software product, website or whole company, which ever is easiest for you to quantify.
PeriodPrice (US dollars)
Yearly $999 per 50 developers, testers, support Add to cart
Once (forever license) $4,999 per 50 developers, testers, support Add to cart


If money is an obstacle, then we offer long-term licenses free of charge to meaningful contributions. To enroll as a contributor, please set up an account now:
Enroll as Contributor

Honor System

As an open source project, Pnyx can be downloaded and used without checks or balances. We prefer to keep Pnyx an open platform, than to build nag-ware or a close system. We rely on the honor system for users to pay for their licenses. Most modern countries have good IP protection, but really, who wants to fool with that? Instead, if you find value in Pnyx, send us a complement by acquiring a license.