Pnyx is an open source project that brings all of your favorite unix tools like grep, sed and awk to your preferred programming language. When using Pnyx in your project, you can built upon these venerable tools without calling external programs. With a flexible, fluent API, the Pnyx framework is easily extended and simple to verify with Unit tests.


Pnyx is offered as a library for use in projects that have Extract - Transform - Load (ETL) needs. Pnyx is not intended to replace Unix tools, which are time tested, pervasive and reliable. Instead, it was built to provide file transformation tools to high level programming languages. Some of the benefits of Pnyx as a library are:


To install, go to and download, or open Package Manager and type:

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Pnyx can be used directly from the command-line. Use the CMD interface for quick, one-time usage or for prototyping. The pnyx.cmd project uses a YAML file of commands, which map to commands of the library's fluent API. As an alternative, C# scripts can be used in place of YAML. Whatever your preference, use the CMD to run ad-hoc Pnyx commands. Finally, CMD can be used to expose your project's custom filters and transforms to the command-line and scripting.

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Pnyx is an open source project. The source code and unit tests are hosted on GitHub at project website. Please post all issues and feature requests on the issues tab of GitHub.

To learn more about the software and licensing, View Software documentation.