Pnyx Command Line

Pnyx can be used directly from the command-line. Use the CMD interface for quick, one-time usage or for prototyping. The pnyx.cmd project uses a YAML file of commands, which map to commands of the library's fluent API. As an alternative, C# scripts can be used in place of YAML. Whatever your preference, use the CMD to run ad-hoc Pnyx commands. Finally, CMD can be used to expose your project's custom filters and transforms to the command-line and scripting.

To Install

Pnyx command-line works on any environment that supports DotNetCore, which is pretty much any OS these days. For specific instructions, use the following install guides.

Hello World

Once Pnyx is installed, try some of these simple inline commands:
To run on Windows Shell, see these notes

user@machine:$ pnyx -i "[readString: hello world]"
hello world

user@machine:$ pnyx -i "[readString: hello world, sed: ['l','x','g']]"
hexxo worxd

user@machine:$ pncs -i 'readString("hello world")'
C# hello world

user@machine:$ pncs -i 'readString("hello world"); sed("l", "x", "g");'
C# hexxo worxd


Pnyx CMD comes in 2 formats: YAML and C# scripts.

  • To use Pnyx with YAML, run pnxy executable.
  • To use Pnyx with C# script, run pncs executable.