The examples shown in the documentation are available in the Pnyx CMD project, all of which can be downloanded from GitHub. If the CMD executable is installed, you may run the examples from the command line. Here is an example of running the not example from the Input documentation.
Run Examples:
// CMD installed
pnyx -e=documentation pnyx.cmd.examples.documentation.library.ExampleLine not

// Build from source and run
dotnet pnyx.cmd.dll -e=documentation pnyx.cmd.examples.documentation.library.ExampleLine not
Some of the examples read or write to files, in which case they will fail, unless a sample file it provided. Typically any file will do.


Optionally, you can download the examples directly from GitHub. Use the links below, one file per page.


Suggested next steps:
  • CMD, learn more about running from CommandLine
  • Utilities, learn more about utilities.